Posted by: rosec2 | October 6, 2010

Infant and Newborn Care

Taking Care of your Baby’s Basic Needs
Having a new baby is an exciting moment for every family but meeting the needs of 
babies can sometime be overwhelming or scary.  After a delivery in a hospital, nurses help tremendously in taking care of most needs of your baby while staying under their care.  This help you, the mother have some time to yourself and rest from the long hours of labor.  The challenges of caring for newborns and infants begin after returning home from the hospital.  With no help from nurses, new mothers begin to worry about taking care of the basic needs of their babies such as, how often to feed, bathing, putting a baby to sleep and so on and so forth.  Below is a list of some of the basic needs that your newborn will need on a daily basis:

1.  Feeding:  Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, newborns and infants feed on a regular basis at least every two hours
2.  Diaper change:  You will be surprise how often you change your newborn’s diaper in 24 hour period
3.  Bathing:  Depending on the mother, this can range from everyday to every other day
4.  Sleeping:  Newborns sleep a lot even though they can sometimes be so short you hardly get anything done before they are awake
5.   Sickness:  Newborns and infants do get sick like every other individual but the difference is, it is hard to tell what exactly is wrong with a newborn or infant because they can not talk and express this feelings of pain by crying.  A long crying baby can be frustrating for the mother to cope with.  Get use to your baby and notice when something is not normal such as crying for long hours and not comforted by feeding or a diaper change.  You may need to talk to his/her doctor
6.  Bonding:  Bonding begins immediately after delivery when you can hold your baby close to you.  Thereafter, you continue to bond with your baby daily as you take care of him/her
7.  Safety:  Your newborn’s safety should be the most important thing in your daily activities.  Newborns and infants are to be put in a crib to sleep or just relax.  The crib must not have too big holes that your baby can fit his/her head in.  Your baby should also not be left unattended when he/she is on a changing table, or in the bath tub.  When infants begin to move around the house, make sure you remove all small objects out of their way since children take everything straight to their mouth
8.  Medical CareBe sure to take your baby to his/her well baby check-ups when it is time.  Also keep your baby’s immunizations up to date in order to prevent him/her from contracting any infectious diseases


  1. I agree that bonding is very important, and this is something that requires a lot of time. I feel very strongly that women should not work while they have an infant so that this bond can develop and they get to intimately know their child.

  2. A good friend of mine just had a new baby, and it really is surprising how many diapers she goes through. Thank goodness for Costco!

  3. There are certain things that are just a given when it comes to daily living, but when the littler person can’t do things for themselves, it a good reminder to go over the basics.

  4. I’m not a mom yet, so the idea of having a child freaks me out a little. I love reading articles like these, though, because talking about parenthood in a realistic way makes it all seem a little less scary.

  5. Who doesn’t wish that their baby came with a how to manual? These points are a good jumping off point. Maybe a good reminder as well of what taking care of a baby means.

  6. After I have read your blog, I wonder if I can be a mom. I don’t even know how to take care of myself well. There are many steps that I have to take care when I actaully have babies. I really need to learn how to be a good mom.

  7. This definitely seems like a good list of the basics for those of us who aren’t yet parents. It is very realistic as to the specifics of the basics but still allows for us to know that it will be hard!

  8. My youngest brother was born when I was in sophomore in high school and I have had plenty of memories of taking care of him. Yes, it can be demanding, but it is one of the best experiences a person can have in taking part of nurturing a child.

  9. It is fun to hold and play with infants but it is important to remember all the things that go into effective care. Thanks for the information!

  10. Thanks for making this available. I will definitely keep it as a reference. Your information was very helpful and concise.

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