Posted by: rosec2 | November 3, 2010

Feeding your newborn or infant

One of the most important part of your daily routine in caring for your newborn or infant is feeding.  Whether you breastfeed, bottle feed or starting on solids, you need to make up time to feed your baby because it does take some time.  Feeding newborns and infants is also a time for you to relax especially when it you are breastfeeding.  Some infants can take quick naps during feeding and they can’t just be rush through that.  Making the time to feed your baby can also be bonding time for you the mother.

Bottle Feeding is a way of getting dads to bond with their babies too.  Often men are left out during this important part of a baby’s life.  Fathers need to connect with their children too at an early age and bottle feeding can help to bring that about.  Formula fed babies are those who often get this opportunity with their dads but breastfeeding moms can also pump and feed their babies in bottles that way fathers can also participate in this important part of a baby’s life.


  1. I strongly believe that breastfeeding is much better for the baby than anything else, but I do like your point about letting dads in on the process. I think dads are let out of a lot of things relating to the children if they work all day, and bottle feeding is one of those simple ways that they can actually get involved.

  2. I am so for breastfeeding and so I loved when you said that dads can feed their babies pumped milk from a bottle. You can always pump your milk for your baby!

  3. Bottle feeding for dads…that’s something that you don’t exactly hear about all the time, but it makes sense that dads would feel left out of that whole process. The more ways for men to get involved in early child-raising, the better. Good thoughts there.

  4. In classes we learn that a baby should be breastfed/bottle fed for the first 6 months and then introduced to ‘baby’ foods but my sisters doctor told her that at 4 months she was supposed to give her baby ‘baby’ food. Do you know anything about why we learn in classes to breastfeed for so long but doctors give mom’s different information?

  5. Of course we know how important breastfeed is, but I think it is so important like you said to have the baby able to be bottle feed too. So that dad’s and other family can enjoy the experience and give you a break once in awhile.

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