Posted by: rosec2 | November 22, 2010

Safety for your newborn/infant

Keeping your newborn/infant safe is perhaps one of the most importance aspect of caring. Safety issues in newborns are probably not a big hassle like they are in infants.  As babies begin to rollover, crawl and take their first steps, safety becomes the biggest priority of your daily schedule. 

You may have heard this a thousand times but never leave your baby unattended not even for a minute.  You will be surprise what a baby can do or what will happen to an unattended baby in a minute.  As babies begin to sit and crawl, everything they pick on the floor goes into their mouth so be sure to put away small toys and small things that can easily choke them.  Below are additional safety measures for you to look out for as a first time mother.

  • Always buckle your baby in an infant car seat facing rear until they are over a year or safe to face forward
  • Prevent poisoning by locking all cabinets with cleaning or household supplies that the baby can reach
  • Do not leave baby unattended in the tub, on the changing table, in an open bed or in any unsafe place
  • Wear your baby appropriate clothing for the weather.  Do not stuffed them with too many cloths in the winter because they easily get hot and not too loose because they easily get cold just decide what works for your baby
  • If you have a pool be sure not to allow your baby to crawl near in order to prevent drowning
  • Buy appropriate age toys for your baby
  • Prevent your baby from climbing the stairs alone in the your home
  • Be sure your baby’s crib doesn’t have too big holes that their head can fit in
  • Always be aware of recall items to prevent your child from using them
  • Do not leave your baby in the car or at home alone
  • Do not put stuff animals in your baby’s crib especially newborns because they can suffocate on them
  • Do not smoke or allow people to smoke around your baby, he/she is too precious to inhale all those chemicals
  • Above all be a loving mother and keep your baby safe at all times


  1. it’s so true that you literally cannot look away when they get to that age! I remember babysitting my little nephew; if you went to the bathroom, it was over. It was incredible the messes he could make in that amount of time.

  2. I never thought about the crib bars being too far apart, that’s a great point!

  3. The two things on this list that hit home for me are keeping babies away from pools and not leaving babies in the car. I have heard too many stories of babies or young children drowning in pools because there wasn’t a fense up around the pool, and I’ve heard of even more stories of kids who are left in the car too long in the heat (I’m from Florida) and end up scratching their skin raw trying to get themselves out of their carseat, or die from heat stroke. They are helpless, which makes the stories all the more sad.

  4. Do you know of a good website that keeps people up to date on recall items?

  5. When I am at my sisters and we go in the car, I always make sure to buckle my niece into her car seat very carefully!

  6. Is there a way that you can be contacted of recalls. I know as a parent, it would be difficult to write every toy, outfit, furniture piece and check to see if it had been recalled.

  7. Great list of things to do to keep children safe. It is so important to help them since they can’t really help their surroundings.

  8. These are definitely good tips. I just learned in my other health class that the AAP recommends children always facing backwards in carseats. I hadn’t been aware of that

  9. This list provides many great tips and suggestions on how to keep children safe.

  10. great list! all mothers should read this since babies can do anything!

  11. i think these are so important for people to know! there’s got to be a way to make people aware, as parents, as siblings, as babysitters, what is safe and what isn’t?

  12. Isn’t it interesting that not all toys are fit for any age? I sometimes categorize toys as toys and little kids play with toys. But babies have a huge range of ‘toys’ that they cannot play with because of safety hazards, good thing they have us to protect them from choking! 🙂 I love the topic you’ve chosen, Rose!

  13. This is so good to know. I am not a mom yet but I love reading things like this because it will help me keep my children safe. Thank you!

  14. I’m not a mother, but these are great safety measures for me to think about since I have young nieces and nephews. Thanks for sharing!

  15. That is a good list – and happily, it seems like a lot of it is either common-sense or instinct. And that baby in the picture is adorable!

  16. Babies get into everything. Once they crawl, they have access to any household item not secured or blocked off from them.

  17. These are great safety tips for the little ones. It is unbelievable how fast they can move when they really want something, and keeping them safe so they are not tempted to move to these unsafe things is so important.

  18. Speaking of safety in the car, I’m hearing more and more about parents accidentally leaving their babies in the car by themselves on hot days by accident — someone should invent a device that prevents that from happening.

  19. Along with the idea of safety and never leading your child alone, I feel that keeping a close eye on young children, especially as they become more mobile keeps incidents where the child makes a huge mess from happening. We have all heard or seen stories of children who get into makeup, or markers, or something and make a huge mess. This wouldn’t happen if they were watched more closely.

  20. Babyproofing your house takes a lot of effort but it’s much better than having your baby get into everything and possibly getting hurt.

  21. These are some great tips, especially since a lot of us are in this stage of life or quickly coming upon it. Thanks!

  22. I am going to be a mom in a few months, and am so scared of things that can happen! The good thing is that most things can be prevented by being smart and keeping your house safe and baby-friendly.

  23. The points you have made are very useful in ensuring a baby’s safety.

  24. Wow thanks for all the tips! Those will definitely come in handy when I start to have children.

  25. This is a great list of things to do to help keep your baby safe. My sisters have little ones and its interesting too see what they have done to keep their babies safe. I have to say Im pretty sure they have done all of these things on the list. Maybe its just motherly instincts. 🙂

  26. thank you for the tips they are great! is the parents priority to care for their babies and keep them safe, especially the moms!

  27. My sister knows a person who accidentally ran over her sibling’s child because the toddler was taking a nap behind the car and was out of sight. Keeping an eye on your child at all times is so important!

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