1.  Q: Why is exclusive breastfeeding recommended for the first six months?
A: Scientific evidence has found that exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months provide the energy and nutrients a baby needs to grow and develop.  It also reduces sickness and other forms of diseases that could affect the baby.
2  Q: Can giving water to an infant before six months be harmful?
A: Offering water to an infant before age six months can pose significant health hazards to the infant.
3.Q. How does a parent able to distinguish baby’s different cries?
A:  As your baby grows and you get used to them, you learn to differentiate between which of the cries is  for hunger, a diaper change, a nap, sickness or just need to be held.
4.  Q: Should your baby sleep with you in the same bed?
A: The American Academy of Pediatrics and other newborn organizations do not recommend co-sleeping. Babies especially infants should be put to sleep in a safe crib. Sleeping with your baby may not be safe for them due to items you may have on your bed as adult such as heavy blankets and pillows which could obstruct the baby’s breathing as some point. Sleeping with your baby can also prevent them from being able to sleep alone when they get a little older. 
 5.  Q: I am worried about vaccinating my baby because of the fear of my child being autistic what should I do?
A: Several researches conducted on the subject of vaccinations and autism has proved that there is no association between vaccination and autism.  Vaccinations are beneficial for our children as they help prevent infectious diseases. Further information on this subject can be found at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website and also at MedlinePlus.gov.
  6.  Q: How do you get a baby to sleep in a noisy place?
A: Making a baby sleep in a noisy place is not a very difficult task at all. This is mainly because babies already got used to lots of different noises when they were inside the womb. Surprisingly, most babies tend to have a good sleep when there is noise around them.
7. How many times will a new born baby wake up at night? 
A: Newborn babies tend to feed on a regular basis and their little stomach can’t hold enough food to last them for hours so they keep waking up to be fed. Sometimes babies just wake up from their sleep not because they are hungry and they can be cuddle to go back to sleep.  Depending on the child, you can expect anywhere from 2-5 times per night. As they grow, they eat a little more and so they sleep for long stretch of hours which allows you the mother to have some sleep too.
8.  How many times should I feed my baby?
A: Newborns feed anywhere from one half to two hours depending on your child.  As they get a little older, they space out a little bit.
9. How many times should I bath my baby?
A: newborns don’t need regular bath like infants.  Newborns only need to be wiped with wash cloths every other day or every two days depending on the mother until the umbilical cord falls off.  After that they can be given regular baths once a day or every other day depending on what you the mother wants.
10. Can I give my baby solids before six months old?
A: It is recommended that babies be given breastmilk or formula and nothing else for the first six months of thier lives.  Even ordinary water is not recommended. It is unfortunate some mothers start their children on solids way before that six months recommendation.

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